Also, thank you to the churches, clubs, weddings, wakes, private house parties, fundraisers, anniversaries, organizations, etc. who have shared our music with us.

Amery Ale Works

Sawmill Saloon - Amery, WI

Amery Music On The River - Amery, WI

Caddy Shack - Chetek, WI

Gasthaus Bavarian - Music in the Meadow - Stillwater, MN

Polli-Nation Festival, Stillwater, MN

Howlin' Wolf Creek - St. Croix Falls, WI

This Old Store - Star Praririe, WI

Lift Bridge Brewery - Stillwater, MN

ChilKoot Cafe - Stillwater, MN

Stillwater Log Jam Festival

Hudson Bandshell - Hudson, WI

Dalles House - St. Croix Falls, WI

Mpls. Music In The Parks - Lake Harriet Pavillion

Mpls. Music In The Parks - Minnehaha Falls

Polk County Fair - Polk County, WI

Heritage Hillside Music Series - New Richmond, WI

Siren Music In The Park - Siren, WI

Luck Music In The Park - Luck, WI

Mn Transportation Museum - Pumpkin Express, Dresser, WI

WHYS Radio - Eau Clair, WI

Acoustic Cafe - Eau Claire, WI

Amery Oktoberfest - Amery, WI

Meet the "Moonies"

Heidi: (Moon Baby) The only true "local" of the group, Heidi is finding that music goes deep in her family roots. She has inherited and rescued two old violins from her great grandfathers on both sides of the family........ and is making good use of them playing with the "Cattail Moon". Heidi supplies lead and backing vocals as well as plays the mandolin, fiddle, bodhran and various percussion instruments. Her clear, classic country voice adds dimension to every performance. Heidi shares her life with her beautiful family and extended family. Because of her local ties to the Amery area, Heidi is always rounding up jobs for the group at various events and churches. Sometimes, here locally, the group is actually just called "Heidi's Band"............................

Barb: (Malibu Moon) Born and raised in Dunn County, WI, Barb grew up in a musical family. At a very early age, under the direction of their father Vernon, Barb and her three sisters were singing four part harmonies to classic Barbershop and early folk tunes. Barb first started strumming a Ukelele around the age of 5. Her musical interests grew with exposure to musician friends on the California coast and later, the mountain musicians of Montana and Eastern Idaho. Barb contributes to Cattail Moon on fiddle, banjo, Acoustic guitar and bodhran. Her original songs, including The Amery Waltz, Fullofitsky Polka, Third & Vine, Oh Lucky You (Sure to become a Lifetime Original Movie), The Whens, Rafferty's Rink, & most recently "Pond Scum". These are quickly becoming audience favorites. 

Jaime:(Moon Moon) Born in California and raised by gypsies in parts unknown, Jaime grew up listening to the likes of Jethro Tull, Yes, and The Moody Blues. But she didn't start playing until she fell in love with a "little known" group - The Beatles. She bought her first guitar at 16 and taught herself a little at a time. Over the years, she has collected two acoustic guitars, an electric guitar, a bass, a keyboard, a mandolin and an assortment of Irish penny whistles.  

After singing karaoke for a while, she realized that she could in fact carry a tune (even though her high school choir teacher advised her not to sing in public), and so contributes amazing vocals and guitar to the group, with the occasional bass and penny whistle thrown in for something different. She has recently discovered her Appalachian heritage , so.............................. there you go!

Sue:(Meow Moon)Sue is originally from eastern WI, now living north of Hwy 8 (where she fits in well). She started out on piano at 3 and later found herself fighting (literally) to be accepted as a rock musician back in the 60’s. Her musical influences range from European folk metal (which she really wants to play but can’t find anyone else interested), rock and country, to bluegrass and irish. Sue can play almost anything including fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, irish bouzouki, & banjo. Sue also sings which may or may not be a good thing. 

Sue spends all her money on stray cats and musical instruments and all her time trying to find ways to avoid getting a real job as that would seriously interfere with cat box cleaning and playing music. She is the second newest addition to the Cattails but also the oldest in the band, and her son has already worked out plans to duct tape her to a dolly and just wheel her on and off stage when she can no longer climb up there by herself (she’d use a Hover Round but the arms on those things get in the way when you try to play guitar and if you bump the buttons you can wheel yourself right off the stage!)

Craig: (Moon Dog) Craig is the self proclaimed

" token male" of the band, and his job is to play guitar, sing a little bit, and not ask too many questions. He's played lead guitar in all kinds of bands since he was 14, and occasionally switches to mandolin and accordion. He grew up in central Illinois in a musical family, listening to classic country, bluegrass, and heavy metal. Craig is a PhD, accomplished author (having (3) great novels published to date), and an all around nice guy!!!! The rest of Cattail Moon is not really sure why he's associating with any of them. He and his understanding wife live in Stillwater. She's the one that lets him play in a band with four women!!!!